Trying to make the world a better place for everyone


We were born with the mission to raise awareness and provide people the access to information that will help them lead a more conscious and respectful way of life aligned with the planet. Information is power and only through education we will be able to achieve a positive and real change in society.

We firmly believe in the power of a community of people working together towards a common goal, wellbeing.

Well-being of the planet, but also our own well-being as individuals, because we cannot coexist without each other. We are part of a whole and we must protect and respect our home. Respect people, animals and all species and living beings with whom we live together on Earth.

Therefore, it is in our hands to make daily decisions that bring us closer to what we really are, human beings. Decisions based on tolerance, empathy and equality.

Only in this way will we be able to live in harmony with the environment and in balance with ourselves.

Our Values

Planet Care​

The level of commitment that brands have with the planet and the different actions they take to achieve it.

Social Responsability

A company’s conduct towards its employees and the community. Inclusion, diversity, safe working space and favorable conditions.

Innovation & Commitment

The initiative of companies to improve every day their activity and its impact on the environment.

Animal Welfare

A brand’s respect for animals. Focusing on the traceability of processes.


A company that is transparent and provides its customers with the real impact it has on the planet.

Behind Less&Conscious

We do not live on the planet, we are part of it. Taking care of the world we live in is our responsibility as individuals and as a society.

And this entails living in harmony with all the living beings that inhabit it, respecting nature and learning to appreciate it.

This is what led me to create Less&Conscious in 2020, as a platform to raise awareness and provide people with access to information to lead a more conscious life for themselves and the planet, and to discover brands with the same values.

The well-being of the planet and our own well-being as people are closely related, so I wanted the project to convey both concepts, because one cannot coexist without the other.

I hope that in one way or another Less&Conscious awakens in you what I feel for nature and the environment.

It’s always a good time to do the right thing.


María Abajo

Victoria Queija

Pico Behr

Aroa Bajo