About Us

Less&Conscious was born out of the need to create a more minimalist and conscious world where the people who make it up seek to change habits that promote the conservation and care of the planet.

A platform where sustainable brands from any sector can be made visible, to make it easier for people to buy products or services that are in line with their life values.

A place to learn how to be more human and more conscious in our daily lives.

Behind Less&Conscious


Specialized in sustainable brand communication, two years ago I decided to create The Dualist Agency, a communication agency in Madrid for brands with the same values.

What inspires me most is nature and that has led me to look for ways to take care of the planet and live in harmony with it. I practice conscious living, I love to travel, do yoga, meditate and cook under a plant based philosophy.

I share my way of life in my personal Instagram (@maria.abajo) and that led me to create Less&Conscious, a platform where I can give visibility to sustainable brands and help people to lead a conscious life more easily.