Ocean + Main
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After years in the corporate fashion world, founder and creative director Mary Price witnessed the devastating impact of clothing production on people and the planet. In 2015, he launched ocean+main as a way to do things differently; to create beautiful, ethical, conscious and inclusive clothing that put people, planet and purpose first. Made 100% in Los Angeles, ocean+main uses no single-use plastic, recycles water and only sources its luxury fabrics from renewable, sustainable and recycled sources. Sales from the collection support an artisan collective and the Rainforest Preservation coalition in Malaysia, and a percentage of the proceeds go to local charities such as The Ocean Conservancy and BEAM, the Black Emotional and Mental Health foundation. Since its creation, ocean+main has saved 15,000 metres of fabric from landfills, 40 million litres of water and prevented more than 5,000 single-use plastic bags from reaching our landfills and oceans.




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