We are at the beginning of the year and I want us to continue reflecting and working along the same lines and in the same direction as in my December text. In my previous proposal I invited you to review the year we were leaving behind, looking at what we had achieved and learned, what we had faced and how we managed it. I also invited you to consider the year we started through resolutions. Do it. Take paper and pen and allocate a couple of hours to work on it. This kind of practice allows us to realize how much we are capable, how much we know and what we already have and to consciously and actively focus on what we want for our lives and bring it into our lives. That is manifesting. That is asking for what you desire feeling that you deserve it, that it is for you.

Setting goals, working on a vision for our life, gives us power, strength, possibilities and brings prosperity and abundance.

What do you want for yourself, for your life, how do you want to live, what job do you want, what do you want your relationship to be like, how much money do you want to earn, where do you want to live?

Focus on what you want for yourself and ask for it, manifest it, express it and live accordingly.


Contrary to what for years we have been taught and made to believe, we are not victims of what happens to us, we have an active role in our lives and it is important that we take ownership of that role and take action, not leaving our life in the hands of chance, free will or others. We can actively create (manifest) what we desire.

Everything in our lives is the result of what we are projecting through old subconscious beliefs picked up in childhood and our adolescence. We are continuously co-creating with the Universe. The positive aspects of our lives are the result of subconscious self-esteem beliefs that are projected. Likewise, the negative aspects of our lives are the result of subconscious beliefs of low self-esteem and it is therefore essential to do belief work as limiting thoughts could be crippling us from our goals, not allowing us to be who we truly are and keeping us small, small.



If you want to achieve something, it is important that you believe in it, that you feel it in your body, that you can begin to feel emotions related to what you want, that you see that it is possible for you and visualize it, bring it to your mind as many times as possible and focus mainly on the emotions and sensations you feel. Well-being, calmness, confidence, love, abundance, tranquility, joy, fulfillment…

When we firmly believe in the outcome of the goal we set for ourselves, we access a higher level of consciousness that connects us more deeply with our goal and purpose.


We can choose to do so, although it is necessary to pay attention to what is in our mind, usually and in the vast majority of cases, mental noise manifested in the form of limiting beliefs, fears and doubts. That inner restlessness arises from what we have lived in our past, remaining firmly engraved in our mind and affecting our daily decisions and behaviors.

To manifest, to live the life we desire, it is not enough to write it down on paper and wait for it to happen. It is about living according to what you want, to start living it now, vibrating in that energy, keeping yourself elevated, open to life and its possibilities and doing inner work. Meditate, visualize, work on limiting beliefs, practice regularly the detox in your life (and not only of food or closets at home but “clean” everything in your life that requires it), rituals and daily practices of connection and well-being, focus and clarity to move towards prosperity and abundance…

Choose how you want to feel, how you want to be, how you want to live.

The power is in us and it brings us possibilities, success, abundance, prosperity, it gives us LIFE and the best, the most important thing is that we can, with a little work but we can.

I reflect on all this in my newsletters, blog and instagram and it is the basis of my work in the coaching processes I offer, courses and ebooks. You can find all this on my website and if you feel like working with me or have any questions, you can write to me at hola@annalfaro.com.

Anna Alfaro.