6 brands of sustainable decoration that you will love

When we talk about sustainability we almost never think about home decoration, it is important to know which are the manufacturing processes of the furniture and objects we buy from and to take into account both their production and their origin.

It is not only that the materials used are obtained in a sustainable way but that the production and manufacturing process is as close as possible.

Therefore we give you some ideas of objects to decorate that are made in a sustainable way and that we are sure you will want to have in your home.

Illustrations by Gisela Talita

The illustrations by Gisela Talita, a young illustrator living in Valencia, transport you to exotic countries through colorful animal drawings. She has collaborated with different brands and sells her work through her website where you can buy both ready-made works and personal commissions that will make the work personal and unique.

The importance of buying original art to support emerging artists, who consciously produce limited works, gives an added value to your home by having a unique work.

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Eguzkine, live porcelain

Aguzquine is a studio based in Lanzarote where beautiful and unique handcrafted porcelain pieces are created. The artist Eguzquine Zerain creates tableware achieving the perfect balance between beauty and function, a way to create very personal tables in which the kitchenware becomes very important.

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Koko Klim, sleep in nature

Its minimalist design with colors that invite you to relax make your home a more welcoming space, its textiles are free of chemical dyes and its touch is most pleasant. A very sustainable way to decorate with textiles and make your home a warmer space.

The home textile brand Koko Klim brings an ecological and organic proposal to dress your home. The bedding, bath and living room is made with 100% natural fibers in addition to manufacturing in a craft and fair trade.

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Mas Fuster, tables that will change your home

It has two designs that can be ordered to order or the possibility of creating the furniture of your dreams, a way to have something unique that will last over time.

Xavier Mas, a cabinetmaker and lover of his profession, creates authentic works of art through wood. His passion for this material and his respect for the environment have led him to create a workshop where he makes 100% hand-made furniture that can also be purchased custom-made.

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Valeria Vasi, vases that are a work of art

This artist based in Barcelona elaborates each of her vases manually, making each piece unique and unrepeatable.

Their way of shaping the materials make these objects into decoration per se making the flowers something secondary.

Valeria Vasi’s vases could be described more as functional sculptures, works of art that allow to combine design with utility.

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Ammunition and Gantri, the most beautiful lamps on the market

The Ammunition and Gantri design studios joined forces to create three 3D printed lamp models made from plant-based polymers. Carve, Signal and Gio are the three collections that are available for table, floor and wall and that each one of them is inspired by minimalism, functionality with a certain air of 70s design.

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