The star of the season suits everybody: sunscreen

By Rosario Rutilo – @rorutilo

Vitamin D, ultraviolet rays, be careful with exposure times, reapply sunscreen… There are so many cares that we have to take into account when going out in the sun that most of the time we adopt the recommendations simple and we leave aside those that we find more boring and tedious.

In this new Less&Conscious article I share some quick facts so that this summer you can consciously enjoy the sun and Dolce Far Niente.

The sun: friend or foe?

Let’s put it like this: That friend you want to see from afar.

As you may already know, its ultraviolet rays have a direct effect on the chemistry of our body, working as a natural antidepressant since it increases our levels of Vitamin D and Serotonin. In addition, it promotes circulation and strengthens our defenses, multiplying white blood cells and helping to lower cholesterol.

The flip side is that the sun is dangerous for our eyes and our skin since it can cause diseases and injuries ranging from irritations to melanomas.

How to take care of the sun and what to take into account when looking for the best protection?

Sunscreens reduce the amount of rays that penetrate the skin, preventing burns and degenerative changes. Depending on how they act, they are physical or chemical.

Physical filters are substances impervious to solar radiation that create a screen and reflect light, preventing the passage of ultraviolet, visible and infrared rays.

Its main ingredients are zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and mica.

Chemical filters are creams, gels or sprays that only absorb UV solar radiation.

Its main ingredients are PABA (para-amino benzoic acid), cinnamic acid, sulfonic acid and camphor.

Now, the most important thing is not so much the type of filter you use but the sun protection factor, that number that measures how many more times you can be exposed to the sun without burning yourself. The formula to calculate this time is to multiply the time that your skin could naturally be exposed to the sun without burning (it varies depending on the phototype of each person) by the sun protection factor of the cream you choose.

The higher the SPF, the higher the protection, although you should know that a dermatologist will always recommend using the highest number and reapplying it every two hours, whether you are outdoors or indoors.

So should I still use screen indoors?

If you’re not sure of the answer, let me tell you that you’re stuck in the 20’s! It has been known for a long time that you should use protection even inside your home since you are constantly exposed to radiation of different types, especially two that contribute to the risk of skin cancer: UVA and UVB.

Although we spend most of our time indoors, we tend to look for places with natural light. Well, you know that sunlight passes through glass and can damage your skin, so it is important that you also use sunscreen at home.

And not to mention that laptops, smartphones, tablets, televisions and LED light bulbs are sources of blue light that generate hyperpigmentation and premature aging, damage your retina and reduce the release of melatonin, hindering your sleep cycle.

Is there a recommended skincare routine for summer?

The heat usually asks us for simpler routines, and lighter and fresher textures such as gels or mousses because they are absorbed more quickly and invigorate us. This is our favorite skincare routine to enjoy the best season of the year.

1- Clean your skin to keep it healthy and beautiful. Middlemist Seven from PAI Skincare and Tangerine Cleansing Balm from ROWSE Beauty are two cleansers that will help you keep pores clean while respecting your skin’s protective barrier.

2- Use antioxidants: To provide luminosity, reduce the appearance of spots and unify the tone of your skin. At L&C we use Caudalie’s Vinoclean Moisturizing Toner and Rassa’s Biphasic Lotion.

3- Invest in a good eye contour area: The skin in this area tends to wrinkle earlier because it is drier and thinner. Using a specific cream applying it with soft touches – and if possible refrigerated – will help you preserve it better. Our favorites include Weleda’s Cactus Extract Refreshing Eye Hydragel and Salad Code’s Revitalizing Eye Contour.

4- Apply facial moisturizer: take the opportunity to nourish your skin and give it an extra supply of moisture, protecting it from daily external aggressions. Waso Shikulime Mega Hydrating Moisturizer by Shiseido and Regena-C M4 Moisturizing Cream by Facetheory are the ones that have worked best for us in the summer.

5- Wear the star of the season, facial sun protection: Always apply a specific screen for the face to maintain the levels of keratin, elastin and collagen in your skin. If you are going to be in the city, we recommend Sun Waterlover hydrating sun milk SPF50+ from Biotherm and Suntribe Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 from Suntribe. If you are going to enjoy the beach or the pool, our favorites are Total Screen Sunscreen Stick from Amazinc! and Solar Protection SPF50 Tin from Sol de Ibiza.

L&C Tip 1: You can do this same routine both morning and night. Our only recommendation is that after a day in the sun, you cleanse your face very well -if possible, do a double cleanse to remove traces of sunscreen- and then apply soothing and repairing products.

L&C Tip 2: Once a week (and always at night!), exfoliate your face and apply a mask to oxygenate the skin and help it renew itself.