Chatting with Nuria from @isla_et_nomade

Every time a picture of @isla_et_nomade shows up on our feed, we mentally transport ourselves to the Mediterranean, its houses, its’ stone beaches and its fantastic landscapes. Nuria perfectly knows how to transmit it, sharing her lifestyle, her beautiful house and every place she visits. We loved knowing more about her and about the influence that her residency stage in Menorca has had.

Less & Conscious: – Can you share a brief description of yourself? Where you live?

Nuria: – My name is Nuria (@isla_et_nomade) and I live in a town in the Sierra de Tramuntana, Sóller, with my partner and our four-year-old son Tristán. I was born in a town in the Rías Baixas in Galicia and I studied music from a very young age until university, although I currently do not practice it.

L&C: What would a typical day in your life be like?

N.: – With work and school we usually have quite marked routines during the week, especially mornings and nights. We get up early and the three of us function as a team, drop off our son at school and head to the office in town.
We usually use the afternoons to go for a walk together or for our hobbies. It is important for us to have our times and keep our individual plots, whether it is to play sports, pottery, have a cup of tea alone or simply enjoy the silence… little moments that we give each other.
On the weekend we let the times flow much more, but our favorite plan is to have breakfast without clocks and make plans outdoors.

L&C: – How and when was your Instagram profile @isla_et_nomade born? What inspires you to create the feed?

N.: “Isla et nomade” was born during the time we lived in Menorca and it is a small window both to our island life and to our trips and elements that inspire me, like nature, crafts, decoration…
I try to capture moments that convey something to me, usually related to the beauty of everyday life, of a landscape, interior design… Later I try to order those captures in a harmonic way and try to convey it in a visually attractive way.

L&C: – How is it that you have fallen in love with the Mediterranean style and what does it represent in your life?

N.: – I love the Mediterranean style but I actually think that falling in love stems from the feeling that it brings out my best version, it gives me peace, it connects me with nature and with the people around me.

L&C: – What tips can you give us to decorate our house with a Mediterranean style?

N.: – I think I would focus on two premises: on the one hand, not to overload the spaces and secondly, to focus on the materials used such as rustic wood, local handicrafts, quality textiles… I usually visit second-hand shops or flea markets places where you can find real gems.

L&C: – What do you do to lead a slower and more conscious lifestyle?

N.: – I usually enjoy the little things a lot, it’s something I’ve recovered from my childhood…
The environment in which we live can give us more tools but in reality I believe that it is not about the place where we live but rather that it is something that each one must work on. In my case, I feel lucky not to have let go of the girl whose best memories are the most banal, the most everyday.

L&C: – A book, a documentary and a film that you recommend?

N.: – A book, “Yoga to balance your emotions” by Anna Alfaro, is a pleasure to read.
The last documentary we have seen is “A Perfect Planet”.
And lastly, I’m a big movie buff, it’s hard for me to choose but I loved “Lion”, it is very moving.

L&C: – And your favorite recipe? How can we do it?

N.: – I have a pending subject with the kitchen, but I adore spoon dishes and something as simple as some good seasoned tomatoes.

L&C: – We know that you also really like design and fashion. How did you discover your personal style and what do you take into account when putting together your wardrobe?

N.: – Over the years we get to know ourselves more, that does not mean that we always have to have a defined style, it is good to play… Personally, I look for comfortable and basic clothes of quality over quantity, clothes that I can wear over and over again and that I also want to.

L&C: – How do you combine all these areas of your life with being a mother and leading a conscious lifestyle?

N.: – Being honest with oneself usually helps to be honest in other facets as well, in this case that of mother or father. 
For our children we are role models, we will not have to force anything if we have integrated in ourselves what we want to project. Even so, I try to allow myself to fail and assimilate that we are not perfect and that learning is common and constant.

L&C: – Think of a sustainable brand that you like… Why have you chosen it?

N.: – I could say many, fortunately there are many people developing interesting projects in this sense.
I am curious to try Rowse’s products, I have received very good feedback, and their communication seems impeccable and very attractive.

L&C: – What recommendations would you give to someone trying to lead a more conscious lifestyle? Where to start?

N.: – I think my first recommendation would be to stop and listen to each other, think and value what sensations we enjoy, the ones that really stick with us, the ones that transport us… And continue to give us little moments.

L&C: – Finally… We know that you love visiting beautiful places… Any destination in mind for this year?

N.: – I really want to visit the island of El Hierro and visit some European city that I haven’t seen yet.