Basic essential oils kit for everyday use

There are certain products that give us respect. That we don’t use because we don’t know how to start with them, how to use them, how to incorporate them into our lives. This could be the case with essential oils, today I will tell you everything you need to know about them.

Whenever I think about introducing something new into my life, I remember when I made the transition to a healthier diet. They tell us about many ingredients, cooking tools … and one goes crazy, literally, you don’t know what to do with any of it. Seeds, superfoods, flours … And everything is a matter of time, patience and above all, go little by little. The same with essential oils. Luckily, and that also happened to me with food, some people have crossed my path who have helped me make everything easier and so that for you and those who read me, it is also, I have decided to write a few lines to do it more earthy and accessible.

A few months ago, Maria, put me in contact with Pranarôm, a brand that I have talked about on my social networks, on my Slow Talks podcast … for all that I have been delving into since I began to become familiar with aromatherapy. They are specialists in scientific aromatherapy and have a large catalog of natural products for our health and day to day.

I have started with the simple, by going deeper with the oils that I was already using. I recommend that you start like this too. Simple. Don’t want to fill your life with oil now. I’m going to share the ones I use in my day to day (literally, yes, in my day to day) and why they are used:


Lavender is an incredible plant that can bring us great benefits. It relaxes us, helps us connect with ourselves and with our creativity, helps in states of stress, anxiety and depression … I personally use it to meditate, relax at night and to help me when I need an extra focus and concentration. Of course also with creativity. It can be used topically, on the skin, in a diffuser or on the pillow, sheets or pajamas, ideal for before going to bed.

A variation of lavender, is to use it in synergy with other oils, I am also using this delicious pillow mist.


Peppermint for me has been essential in my life for years. It helps me when I feel digestive discomfort (I feel bloated, I’m not digesting well …) and usually within a few minutes, I feel much better.

It is taken ingested, it is important to get an oil that is ingestible, be careful with this.

Method of use: I put 3 drops in a teaspoon with a good olive oil, it can also be put in a teaspoon of water or wet a breadcrumb. It also relieves applying a few drops on the abdomen and massaging it.


It is also a basic in my day to day. I discovered that it could also be ingested, like mint (as long as the oil allows that use) and I began to put a drop in my warm water on an empty stomach in the morning to which I used to add squeezed lemon. This internal use helps to “cleanse the body” naturally. It is important to see your tolerance to the oil. I personally do not use it on a daily basis and there are times when I take it less, it depends on how your body feels and what it needs.

Caution and recommendation:

You should know that this oil is photosensitive so that in summer, it is better to ingest at night and avoid its application during the hours of greatest incidence of the sun’s rays.


Rosehip vegetable oil is a great skin healer. It also helps to prepare the skin for sun exposure, both applied topically (after bathing, with damp skin, apply all over the body with a gentle massage) or orally (take 2 capsules a day).

I attest to its immense healing capacity. Years ago I had a big burn on my left hand when I was filling a hot water bottle and the water from the boiling kettle was poured on me. I ended up in the emergency room with a very serious burn but to this day I don’t have any marks thanks to the daily application of rosehip. Of course, I was very constant and I protected the area from the sun for a year but it was worth it. Now whenever I have a little burn, I turn to it and it’s always a blast.

Tea tree

And I cannot fail to recommend this essential oil used in many body hygiene products (soap, shampoo, bath oil …) and cosmetics. In addition to these applications it has great value in medical and family aromatherapy.

In my life I use it as a disinfectant for pimples, an environmental disinfectant and also for fabrics, for example for my yoga mat (you can prepare a mixture in spray format in a 30ml spray container with 30 drops of tea tree essential oil and finish to fill with alcohol of 96 or 70).

I hope that with this mini guide, you will be encouraged to enter the world of essential oils. There are so many more but there is no reason to overwhelm you now. I could also tell you about the essential oil of laurel, geranium … But I will leave that for another time. I will delve more soon so be careful not to lose more on this and other wellness topics, here or in my own spaces.

A pleasure as always to come by the Less & Conscious community.