Chatting with Tamara Franco

We took a little while to chat with Tamara Franco. Curious, creative and lover of the natural world, since 2016 she shares with her followers a passion for a conscious lifestyle. Tamara introduces herself as a yoga and meditation teacher and menstrual therapist specializing in aromatherapy for women’s health. Through retreats and encounters, she accompanies women on their way to a lifestyle in which they feel more connected and fulfilled. Next, our talk with Tamara …

Less & Conscious: – ¿Where do you live?

Tamara Franco: – Since a little while in Seville, the city where I was born.

L&C: What do you do for a living?

T.F.: – I accompany women on their growth path through yoga, aromatherapy, meditation and self-care.

L&C: – What do you do to lead a more conscious life?

T.F.: – Cultivate my interior. I feel that from there, from a more compassionate place, we can make much more meaningful and conscious changes in our lives. To the extent that I am compassionate to myself and my processes, I am compassionate to the world. I think that living consciously has a lot of compassion. Meditation and mindfulness help me do this.

L&C: – A book, a documentary and a movie that you recommend us?

T.F.: – The most difficult question, I have a hard time choosing just one. But go, I’ll try. A book… Silence by Thich Nhat Hanh. A documentary… Period. End of sentence by Rayka Zehtabchi. And a film… Free Planet (La Belle Verte), utopian, from 1996, but good to reflect on.

L&C: – You work a lot with aromatherapy, how do you apply it?

T.F.: – I work with aromatherapy in a subtle and personalized way, applying its many benefits to the physical and emotional well-being of women. When we use essential oils, plants are our teachers and therefore, we are students. After all these years of study and teaching in this field, I have realized one thing: it is important to start from curiosity and not from “consuming a product”, much less because it is fashionable. When we integrate a new essential oil in our life, we must get closer to it, to the plant, to its origins. Where is it native from? What is its botanical name? What part has been distilled? How are its leaves, its root? Is it a fruit? How does it feel to get close to that essential oil on an olfactory level? Through essential oils we can access really valuable information.

L&C: – Where do you think it is interesting to start in this type of therapy? Any advice?

T.F.: – My advice is curiosity, love for the natural world and be clear about some guidelines before venturing into it. On my website tamarafranco.com I have prepared an introductory workshop for beginners, designed for all those who want to approach aromatherapy in a safe and inspiring way.

L&C: – What does meditation mean to you?

T.F.: – For my meditation it is the process in which I consciously return to my present, whatever it is at this moment. A healing space at our fingertips.

L&C: – What advice would you give to someone looking to get started?

T.F.: – Don’t push yourself too hard. Discard the idea of ​​a blank mind or that we can only meditate if we are calm or calm people. Precisely when we feel least calm within ourselves when we need these spaces the most. It’s okay to start with a minute of presence, paying attention to your breath. We can transfer this same exercise to everyday tasks, to work and anywhere. Meditation and presence always go with us.

L&C: – Think of a sustainable brand that you like, what is it?

T.F.: – I believe all the brands we have in my store, Swarm Store. Enjambre is a multi-brand store concept that aims to offer a fairer and more conscious purchase option, betting on artisans, local and sustainable brands and fair work. I also really like Linen Fox and Noni Barea, a much slower fashion concept. His garments are beautiful and of incredible quality.

L&C: – What would you say to someone who is trying to lead a more sustainable life?

T.F.: – “One step at a time”, sometimes we want to cover everything and a lot of frustration appears when we realize that it is not always possible, that we cannot be perfect in everything. That frustration takes us away from the beautiful intention that was born from us: to do things as well as possible, to do our bit to change and respect the world. Sometimes we forget that a small change is a change.