Dear 2020, thanks to you too

2020 has been different from all of them. It has turned us upside down, both personally and professionally. It has led us to situations we never imagined before, to the unexpected, to the sudden and to what probably in many cases we would not have chosen voluntarily but it is these situations that most of the time lead us to the greatest growth.

Where were you and where are you now? What has been stirring inside you throughout this year, what kind of signs have come to you? Have you listened to them? What stops you from going somewhere else? What are you afraid of? What about your work, are you doing what you want, does it fulfill you, does it fill you, does it make you complete? Or on the contrary, do you feel drained, has nothing to do with you? And your personal life, the life you imagine for yourself is the one you have today?

2020 has certainly been a year to do it differently and to question many things.

In an abrupt and unexpected way we found ourselves locked in our house for many weeks and in that situation each one had to reinvent his reality and stick to the present moment, to a temporality and to a constant uncertainty. We are still in it today.

But what have you learned in all this time? Who were you and who are you now? What have you achieved in all this time, what have you started to do differently, what do you value? What have you been capable of? What tools and resources do you have and have you used? How have you been able to help yourself?

We all have tools and resources within us that allow us to advance, develop, grow, go to other places and move from discomfort. The question is to look inside and bring out all the potential we have and leave the automatic pilot. To live in the present, to value what we have, what we are worth and what we deserve. Don’t stay in a place you don’t want. Be a job, a relationship, a place… Live what you want to live, go for it in spite of the “what ifs” and fears.

I’m sure you’ve done a lot of work and if you don’t feel it, take the time to reflect on it, again and ask yourself the following questions: where did I come from and where am I today? And if you feel uncomfortable, your reality is not as you wish it to be, ask yourself with total sincerity: What do I want? And how can I get it? Work on a plan of action and go for it. You can, no doubt you can do it thanks to your own strength and resources but also thanks to what surrounds you and what you can draw on. We all have within our reach therapies, professionals, courses, books, meditations… Make use of it. It is there and it is for you. Leave the old speech and limiting beliefs “I don’t have time”, “I can’t waste money”, “it’s not the time”, “that’s not for me”.

Start, calmly but with commitment and determination. 2021 is waiting for you.

Anna Alfaro