Know, Live and Enjoy your Cycles

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, feel that inhalation come to you with a torrent of life in every breath of oxygen. That is you, pure Nature that is in connection with a feedback environment.

And as Nature itself, your body is a cycle that moves, varies and flows as the seasons flow, like the trees that change their leaves and like the moon that varies from stage to stage. That is also you, a perfect cyclical symphony.

Month by month you notice it in that wonderful manifestation of life that your body fulfills with your menstruation.

In ancient times the female body was valued as something sacred, with time this perception changed, but the essence remained the same. Your body is sacred and your cycle is a source of wisdom in untainted harmony with Nature.

And you may wonder how to know and be more connected to this synchrony.

It’s easy honey, the answer is: listen to yourself. It is simply to learn your stages as a woman creator of life, to observe and respect them by harmonizing with each one of the phases that your body lives in each moment.

And so, depending on how you interact with yourself and your environment in each of the phases will contribute to how you feel, more or less, in harmony with yourself.

It is a beautiful and technical subject, but to not overwhelm you with so much stuff I will tell you a little bit about each phase that as a woman we live and also tell you a little bit about what is the ideal mime and food in each of these moments so that you feel more connected to you and your own nature.

The menstrual cycle has four stages: menstrual phase, pre-ovulatory phase, ovulatory phase and premenstrual phase.

Each one of them is fulfilling the life generating process and in each one of them a different peculiarity is reflected

The menstrual phase

Is the stage when we owe more mime. In these days we can feel swelling, sensitivity and tiredness. It is a stage of acceptance. During these moments, if you allow yourself to listen, perhaps you will feel like being in a little house, sheltered, without much social interaction. These days it is especially good for you to eat anti-inflammatory foods, rich in magnesium, omega 3 and potassium.

Green leaves, ginger, turmeric, cabbage, beets, mushrooms, and algae are ideal. And if you can reduce your consumption of alcohol and highly processed foods at this stage you will notice a magical positive change.

Pre-ovulation phase

At this stage we have little hormonal activity, our body prepares for the egg to begin maturing. These days it’s good for us to be nourished by fresh food, which fills us with life.

Sprouts, gluten-free grains, omegas 3 and for example, avocado fat help us produce cervical mucus. Vitamin C in the form of lemon, orange, grapefruit. Lentils, nuts, cashews. All this will help your body in this preparation phase.

Ovulatory phase

This is the phase in which we are even more open to life and to the creative force within us.

Our body and skin look radiant and it is the beautiful and natural way to express that now is when we are ready to create life. We often feel sleepy and have a little bit of low energy. Respect this moment, don’t force your nature.

At this moment the ideal is to eat food that helps us to better eliminate the excess of hormones that we are producing. More light grains like quinoa and less heavy carbohydrates like processed white flour. Lots of green vegetables and fruit.

Foods rich in antioxidants that help keep the egg healthy and high in iron to prepare us for menstrual bleeding For example, amaranth, quinoa, chard, almonds, flax, pumpkin seeds, sesame, eggplant, chicory, bell pepper, melon.

Pre-menstrual phase

In these days we begin to retain liquids which predisposes us to swelling. Although you may have cravings for complex carbohydrates, the ideal is to resort to vegetables that provide natural sugars such as sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, this regulates our cravings and thus avoid those mood swings that we already know.

At this stage our serotonin is usually lower so there may be irritability. The ideal is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and increase the amount of fat. Bitter chocolate, fruits, flax seeds, chia, pumpkin and sesame is a good choice these days.

Chickpeas, brown rice, onion, sweet potato, pumpkin, cucumber, leek, apple, dates, kale, celery, ginger are good allies for you at this stage.

With just a little bit that we see we can recognize that our nature is so perfect and balanced that all we need to accept ourselves as part of it and listen to it listening to us.

In this way life flows better. We do not go against but in favor of ourselves and we allow the river of life to pass through us making magic in our being.

Honey, life is to be enjoyed, connect with life and DARE TO LIVE.

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