“Our Body and the Return to the Routine”

Summer disrupts our rest and our habits, schedules and food. Understandable … It is a period of enjoyment and relaxation, allowing you to recharge your batteries for the fall season and the rest of the year.

But September begins, which means returning to the routine with the intention of resuming good habits. How do we manage to take care of ourselves again? Mainly, leading a healthy life that is sustained by two pillars: food and sport.

If we search, we can find many studies and articles that confirm that eating well and practicing constant sports not only makes us feel and look better, but it is also essential to apply it to protect ourselves from possible diseases.

It is important to clarify that when it comes to doing a sport again we take it patiently and calmly. We will not achieve magical results from one day to the next or from one week to the next. The real results will be achieved with peace of mind, giving room for our muscles and tendons to re-adapt to their flexibility and work. Making an effort without being prepared will lead to pain or injury.

As I always say, the sport we do has to have a clear purpose. It is important that it adapts to our lifestyle and that we like to do it and make us enjoy it.

“It is not about running a marathon or winning an Olympic medal like the ones we have seen in recent months. Everything, I repeat, every sport we do is good: walking, swimming, running, going to gym classes … whatever we want. Always thinking about our physical conditions and the time we can dedicate to it. But… let’s move! “

So … how do you get started? Here are some ideas for us to incorporate little by little:

  • Walk. Setting aside time for this is good for us. Every day that we do it, we will pick up the pace. Walking as a physical exercise is ideal for the joints and to get a good background. Notice that I say walk and not walk, similar, but different. Walking refers to when we are in the street relaxed with total tranquility, contemplating the landscape.
  • Bike. Let’s start off easy. This exercise is ideal to enjoy the city or nature.
  • Running. Watch out! If we have stopped and have not done it for a long time, we must start in a very calm way. There will be time to pick up tone, rhythm and kilometers.
  • Gym classes. What a pleasure it is when passing through any sports center the different classes that are taught and that we can take advantage of to get in shape, from yoga, boxing, cross fit, Pilates, maintenance classes … How different from when the writer was small and there was no variety none. Now there is no excuse to kick your body and enjoy yourself.
  • Routines at home. Don’t have time to get out and go to the gym? Currently we have many online options that, without the need for any material, help us to get in shape. HIIT (high intensity interval training) routines alternate short periods of high intensity exercise with recovery periods and are ideal to perform at home. We must start slowly to increase the intensity over time. The exercises that include the most are squats, burpees, abdominals, dips … with this we work the buttocks, legs and arms without having to leave the house. We burn calories by working the whole body.

So come on! a lot of encouragement and for it. The benefits will be enormous and we must overcome laziness.

Ignacio Abajo.

“Motivation is what gets you going and habit is what keeps you going.”

Jim Ryun