Our January favorites

As every month, we bring you a selection of sustainable brand products or what we call “our favorites of the month”, if you missed the previous ones, you can see here the rest of our selections.

1. Kuyichi’s denim shirt

This Kuyichi branded shirt is made from 99% recycled materials, including cotton and refiber, a material that is produced from the waste of other fabrics, thus avoiding new production fabrics. This shirt also complies with the values of GRS (Global Recycling Standard) and PETA.

Values: sustainable fabrics, recycled packaging, waste reduction policy, circular economy, ethical work

Price: 110€

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2. Be On Route’s coffee exfoliator

Behind Be On Route there is a careful and beautiful brand selection process carried out by its creator Sonia. Special products from different parts of the world. But today we detail this coffee exfoliant that we liked so much.

Values: organic, vegan, cruelty free, recycled packaging, natural ingredients

Price: 28€

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3. The new Babia Clothing sweatshirt

Made in Portugal with organic and recycled cotton, this Babia sweatshirt with a clear call to take care of the planet seems to us a perfect basic for these days of cold.

Values: organic fabrics, recycled packaging, vegan, cruelty free, and ethical work

Price: 48€

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4. Naturavia’s pure jojoba oil

Naturavia is one of those brands that if you are a real “clean” beauty lover, you have to put on your list.

For those of you who do not know what we are talking about, you can learn about this topic here.

Our favorite, their pure jojoba oil, handmade in Galicia by them and complying with the sustainable and organic manufacturing standards that guarantee them. We love it!

Values: ethical work, organic and natural ingredients, local production, recycled packaging

Price: 13,95€

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4. These Equinox earrings

Did you know that there is vegetable ivory? A much more durable and sustainable alternative that Equinox uses in its jewelry. Handmade from seeds by women in the Ecuadorian Andes. These earrings are a perfect alternative to support handicrafts.

Values: natural and sustainable materials, vegan, cruelty free, recycled packaging, ethical work

Price: 60€

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6. The cream that helps with mask redness

This CBD mask is your great ally if your skin is suffering from the use of the mask. Tested by our team, it helps calm the skin and prevent dryness and eczema produced by it. We love it!

Values: natural ingredients, recycled packaging, vegan, cruelty free, ethical work

Price: 30€

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7. The floral water cleaner from Paradisi In Sole

This floral water from Paradisi in Sole, is made from wild flowers that they collect and distil by hand. It is perfect for cleaning the skin every day, moisturizing, calming and softening it.

Values: natural ingredients, recycled packaging, vegan, cruelty free, ethical work

Price: 33,50€

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