Our July favorites

Today we leave you a selection of our favorite items this month! We hope you like them, and that if you buy you always do it consciously!

1. Agost Perfume by Bravanariz

Price: 38€


AGOST (August in Catalan), the perfume of Bravanariz that takes you to the warm Mediterranean coast in summer. The closest thing to walking under the sun, after a swim in the sea, flanked by cypress trees and with a few sprigs of mint and fennel between your lips.

Bravanariz is 4 years old! To celebrate these 4 summers bottling the landscape, during the whole month of July, they are giving you a 20% discount with the purchase of any fragrance using this code:


2. Organic Notebook Citrus by Melpom

Price: 9.99€


This A5 size Citrus organic notebook consists of 56 pages of 100gr paper made with organic waste from the corn industry.

It is hand-bound in Spain with stitching on the spine (with a sewing machine) and with 100% recycled polyester thread from recycled plastic bottles (PET), which they collect from the seas and oceans. The covers of the Citrus notebook are made with organic waste from the citrus industry, which is why this beautiful sustainable notebook is decorated with this subtle name.

3. Formentor Shorts 

Price: 56€


Designed to be versatile. They will accompany you in your favorite sport (from high-impact sports such as running, fitness to yoga), your thousand adventures, or simply to relax at home.

Its color, intense blue, is inspired by the cape of Formentor (Mallorca). A magical place where infinity merges with the sea, and that gives you that peace and strength that sometimes we need to start new paths.

Made from ECONYL®, a sustainable nylon that is produced from fishing nets abandoned at sea and other plastics. In addition, it reduces its environmental impact by 90% compared to traditional nylon, and can be infinitely recycled.

Ecological and reusable packaging made by women at risk of social exclusion.

4. The Balm Vulva Care

Price: 45€


To moisturize, soothe and soften the vulva on a daily basis.
The balm is Baûbo’s cult product, a healthy intimate care product that can be applied at the slightest discomfort: after sex, after sports, during menstruation, menopause, during dryness and/or hormonal changes, too-tight jeans (we’ve all been there!)….

The Balm can be used from the slightest discomfort.
Take advantage of its “homemade” format for daily use, in the bathroom or on the bedside table.
For each balm purchased, 2% is donated to Gynecology without Borders!

5. Skaza Bokashi Organko

Price: 85€


The Bokashi Organko 2 kitchen composter enables a waste-free lifestyle and urban organic gardening.

Thanks to its superb design, for which it received the Red Dot Award, you can place it in the center of your kitchen.

6. Seasonal Ecological Basket

Price: 64€


Each week Dehesa El Milagro prepares their organic baskets with seasonal products and sends them to your home. They select fresh products for you, including the basics of fruit and vegetables, as well as organic meat and fresh eggs. 

You can buy the basket individually or subscribe to receive it automatically every week or fortnight.

It’s perfect for solving the purchase of the week or even the month!

7. Kimono Ficus

Price: 690€


Life and Miracles reversible 100% silk satin kimono. Inside in mauve color in 100% silk. Designed and handmade in Spain in a handcrafted and exclusive way.

We love to have it as a closet background and combine it with dresses, pants, more formal or casual looks!