Our November Favorites

Hello November, hello to the temperatures and colors of autumn and also to the desire to enjoy the warmth of home and plans with our loved ones. This is the Less & Conscious proposal for this month that has just begun and promises.

1. Pillow Perfume Nº 220 Travel Size from HOME HEALTHY HOME

Price: 25 €


In its 50 ml travel size format, the Home Healthy Home purifying perfume for pillows is an ideal accessory to carry in your travel bag and make every place or means of transport a warm and well-scented space.

We recommend the Relaxing perfume, with fresh notes, citrus, lavender accords and a floral background, which will help you fall asleep.

Its formula is made from 4 100% pure essential oils, obtained from organic farming and rigorously chosen for their antiviral, antibacterial, aseptic and relaxing properties. Nature itself offers us a disinfectant and relaxing air freshener without resorting to toxic or artificial products.

Home Healthy Home purifiers are handcrafted in Spain, in an aluminum bottle and have the option of buying only the “Recharge” format, aligned with its sustainable philosophy.

You can use this perfume as an air freshener.

2. Eli Dragonfly Kimono and Earth Pants Set from MORADUIX

Price: 50 €


We have melted with this set of kimono, pants and hat for babies from Moraduix. So cute! And the best, handmade with organic fabrics.

Your inspiration? The shapes and colors that surround the beautiful area of ​​the Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca.

We fell in love with its dragonfly print, as well as the matching hat included in the set. In addition, super comfortable and practical with elastic at the waist.

We celebrate Moraduix whose designs and production are carried out in the Mallorca area, in addition to the fact that all its products are GOTS and Oeko-tex certified.

On its website, you can also find the most beautiful clothes for mothers and mothers.

3. Biker Shine Brown Mocha from BRADHY

Price: 40 €


Autumn begins and my mind floods the earth tones in all its versions. Bradhy has launched his new collection just in time that proposes brown and olive green as the protagonists.

As Bradhy suggests in his campaign, this fall combine your clothes as part of a more urban look and dare to wear them with a jacket, shirt, sweatshirt, sneakers and high socks. A structured bag and a cap as accessories and you can go out on the street.

As in the rest of its collections, the brand experiments with different sustainable fabrics. The “Shine Brown Mocha” biker is made with “second skin effect” fabric, which allows greater flexibility and is made from 75% recycled polyester.

For those who love sustainability, Bradhy invites us to analyze the transparency and traceability of the garment through the following data:

  • Savings in H2O equivalent to 2,891.92 glasses of water.
  • Savings in CO2 equivalent to 394,291.30 4W led bulbs lit 24h.
  • Local production.

4. Essentials Pack from ITACA ORGANICS

Price: 40 €


November comes hand in hand with the energy of Scorpio that invites us to reflect and focus within ourselves. That is why we believe that the Pack that includes the essential products of Itaca for oral hygiene is a great ally for this time of year.

The pack includes:

  • ecological toothpaste 97.73%
  • the 100% ecological mouthwash
  • the adult bamboo toothbrush
  • tongue scraper

Why clean your tongue?

The tongue is the part of our body that accumulates the most bacteria. In this way, incorporating daily cleaning with the tongue scraper into the hygiene routine is one of the best habits, coming from Ayurvedic culture.

During the night, the largest amount of bacteria and toxins accumulates in the mouth. This is why it is recommended that the best time to practice tongue scraping is on an empty stomach, before eating any food or drink. In this way, you will prevent all the dirt and bacteria from the tongue from returning to the stomach, preventing bad breath and improving the function of the immune system.

How to use the tongue scraper

  1. Before using your tongue scraper, clean it with soapy water and boil it in water to disinfect it.
  2. Look at yourself in the mirror, open your mouth and stick out your tongue as much as you can. Take one end of the tongue scraper in each hand and place the rounded part on the end of the tongue.
  3. Scrape your tongue from back to front, in one stroke and with gentle pressure, seven to fourteen times. Scrape the center first and then each side of the tongue.
  4. Observe how the whitish layer is removed.
  5. Then brush your teeth as usual or practice the “Oil Pulling” technique.

5. 3-Pack Organic Cotton T-shirts from BOTÓ DE COTÓ

Price: 59 €


The white T-shirt is the number one piece of a wardrobe made up of timeless basics. Personally, I like that it has a unisex, relaxed style to combine it as part of a day look or elevating your look at night.

As they are such a practical item, I usually have more than one, perhaps contemplating that some I use for sports and therefore sweat more and another is for more urban and chic looks.

Therefore, if you are looking for the option to renew your white shirts, the Botó de Cotó pack that contains 3 units, meets all these characteristics and also does not have a built-in brand logo, it seems ideal to me.

Of course, if it has passed the Less & Conscious filter, it is because they are made of organic cotton. A durable garment because we love that it is repeated in the coming seasons.

A plus? They have a GOTS Certificate, PETA (Vegan and cruelty free product) and a Wear Fair Certificate that guarantees decent working conditions and fair wages throughout the entire production process.

“November, you come loaded with emotions and reflection. We are ready to receive you and transform ourselves from the inside out.”