Today we bring you a list of our favorites, 7 different products, all from sustainable brands that we love for this fall/winter. Write them down and before you buy anything, come by our website and look for a more sustainable alternative.

1. Kayam Black, Minuit Sur Terre

Made from recycled bottles and apples, this vegan bag made in Portugal, has become one of our favorites for this fall/winter. We also love that it’s available in two sizes, which makes it much more versatile.

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Price: €€€

Ethics: vegan, cruelty free, sustainable materials, recycled packaging, ethical work, circular economy and waste reduction policies

2. Sacrf, Vida y Milagros

This scarf made from silk and organic cotton, and manufactured locally in Spain we love to give a touch of color to the coldest days of autumn / winter.

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Price: €€

Ethics: made in Spain, recycled packaging, ethical work and waste reduction policy

3. Sweatshirt “Free Soul”, Live Frida

This sweatshirt made with 100% recycled cotton and polyester, is made with vegan and productive materials in an ethical and fair way with people and the environment.

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Price: €€

Ethics: vegan, cruelty free, sustainable and organic materials, circular economy, ethical work

4. 1st Season Gold, Dan & Méz

This brand of watches made in a sustainable way, is committed to ethical production policies and waste reduction that make the carbon footprint they produce neutral. In addition, the strap of these watches are made with Piñatex, a vegan and sustainable material.

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Price: €€

Ethics: vegan, sustainable materials, cruelty free, recycled packaging, waste reduction policies

5. Rose Dress, Shou Barcelona

This dress, produced locally in Barcelona, is made ethically with the planet and people. The materials used are recycled generating a circular economy.

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Price: €€

Ethics: recycled materials, recycled packaging, circular economy, locally produced, ethical work

6. Soutien-gorge Dawa, Olly Lingerie

This bra, made from sustainable and recycled materials, is perfect for any occasion of the day. This brand with Oeko-Tex certification manufactures in Europe and follows sustainability policies.

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Price: €€

Ethics: Oeko-Tex, sustainable materials, European production, recycled packaging, ethical work, and waste reduction policy

7. Green Tara, Izba Nature

This body oil, made from plants and 100% natural ingredients we love to use after the shower. Izba Nature is a cruelty free brand that only uses natural products and whose packaging is 100% recycled, thus favoring the economy of circulation.

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Price: €€

Ethics: cruelty free, natural ingredients, recycled packaging, waste reduction policies, ethical work

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