My October favorites

Today we are opening this “section” within the blog in which every month we will recommend products from brands that we love and of course, meet our standards of sustainability (about this you will soon know much more, than nerves!) So good … Here we go!

Vela decorativa sostenible

1. A fragrant candle for home

I love these Ferdai scented candles, made in a sustainable way. They’re perfect for making your home warm and inviting, and who doesn’t love filling their home with candles in the fall/winter!

Price: €€

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aceite de jojoba puro

2. A facial oil

I recently discovered Be On Route, a website with different brands of conscious beauty. Of all their brands, I’ll keep this jojoba oil. A few months ago I started incorporating 100% pure and natural oils into my routine on Connie’s recommendation and the change is incredible.

Price: €€

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camiseta blanca algodón organico

3. A basic top

Lately I’m obsessed with basic tops that you can wear in any season and that are of good quality. These Mía Sustainable Fashion ones have become my favorites this season.

Price: €€€

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muffins veganos y ecológicos

4. A box of vegan muffins

After a whole week tasting this delicacy, I can assure you that these La Mala Leche muffins, made locally and with organic ingredients in Elche (Spain), have become one of my favorite treats. They are to die for!

Price: €€

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conjunto de yoga sostenible

5. A healthy yoga set

And I tell you why healthy… When I discovered Leser Yoga I loved everything they did and how they worked to make things better,… And in this process of research I discovered that their garments are not only sustainable with the planet but also that the fabrics they are made from help hydrate the skin when you wear them!

Price: €€€

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planificador y agenda sostenible

6. A 3 in 1 planner

I am an obsessed with the organization, I have to admit, and in the search for an agenda and a planner that would be sustainable for this new course I came across Melpom, designs made consciously and with recycled materials. They have some wonderful things, but this 3-in-1 planner seems to me to be the best!

Price: €€

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