Our September favorites

Welcome September! We start the month by sharing our 5 favorite products … keep reading and get to know them!

1. Ava Linen Shirt Dress from Ravens View

Price: 140 €


The Ravens View shirt dress is ideal for walking down the street during the last days of Summer. Versatile, use it to go to a work meeting during the week or provide comfort during the weekend. Buttoned in the front and 3/4 sleeves. It is made of 100% super soft linen fabric.

Our recommendation? Wash it under cold water and with care.

Ravens View’s mission is to combine fair working conditions and high-quality sustainable materials with beautiful designs through the motto “Fair Fashion” instead of “Fast Fashion”. From L&C, we join the initiative.

2. The Classic Pack: Lavender + Bergamot + Geranium from Gotes Essentials

Price: 47.5 €


The three classics of the essential oil world. Lavender, Bergamot and Geranium are three of the most widely used oils. Commonly used separately, but if you mix them together, they also complement each other very well.


Purifying, combats excess oil in skin and hair. It has a relaxing and anti-stress effect. It also acts as a powerful anti-blemish for the skin. Bergamot can be supplemented with almost any oil, providing a citrus aroma.

Did you know that… approximately one third of all men’s and half women’s perfumes contain bergamot essential oil?


Geranium provides balance and toning of the skin. In turn, it has an anti-aging effect in contact with mature skin, since it works by purifying blemishes. In addition, its properties are comforting and help relieve stress and tension.

Did you know that… Geranium essential oil is used for personal care for its firming, regenerating, diuretic and anti-cellulite effect?


Lavender is a powerful relaxant and calming of the nervous system. In contact with damaged skin, it provides a healing and regenerating effect. It is even used in the hair world, being a great ally against hair loss problems.

Did you know that… Lavender is considered the essential oil par excellence due to its relaxing properties, its versatility and effectiveness?

How to Use

We recommend mixing them with sweet almond vegetable oil to prepare a relaxing and antidepressant massage oil.

You can also add a few drops to your diffuser to enjoy its aroma and benefits. If you combine the three oils, you will get a floral and citrus scent.

“Lavender will give you a fresh aroma with a balancing effect, while Bergamot and Geranium will give you a floral and citrus aroma with a more stimulating effect.”

3. Revitalizing Day Cream from Dr Hauschka

Price: 26 €


50 ml.

Dr. Hauschka presents its Revitalizing Day Cream, which will bring life to tired skin and a natural radiance to the complexion. The fluid texture of this product activates hydration and offers protection to the skin for the whole day. Its formula has been created with precious extracts and vegetable oils that stimulate the formation of the natural hydrolipidic mantle. The valuable extracts of apricot, carrot and St. John’s wort used in it, leave a healthy and smooth look on skin that was pale and dull.

How to apply? In the morning, after cleansing and toning, distributing evenly on the face, neck and décolletage.

Dr. Hauschka is a 100% natural and organic cosmetic company, certified according to the NATRUE standard. Its products are free of chemical-synthetic flavorings, colorants and preservatives. Also free of mineral oils, silicones and PEG.

It is a vegan and cruelty free company, whose products have been dermatologically tested.

Its raw materials come, whenever possible, from controlled organic or biodynamic crops and have been obtained under fair trade conditions.

4. Athene Shoes from Sylth Virago

Price: 270 Dol


This winter we will see the color green everywhere. Here we propose you to wear this tone as part of the look in your footwear and through the design of Sylth Virago. The Athene shoes are designed in New York and created in Italy with a luxurious 100% vegan velvet. They will adapt to your lifestyle during the day and night, given its shape and ideal heel height. With the knot on the front and its peak-shaped tip, these shoes exult femininity.

Sylth Virago is part of the Less & Conscious world, being a company that advocates fair ethics in its work practices and distribution chain, proclaiming itself cruelty free and using durable and partially biodegradable materials.

5. 001 Sunburst Yellow from Seads

Price: 139 €


We could not end without recommending this style of footwear ideal for the day and especially for a relaxing weekend. Seads proposes these espadrilles for him or for her, which elevate any look, providing color and comfort, through their jute inner sole.

Do you want to know more about how it is made?

Upper Material: SEAQUAL® YARN, created from high quality recycled polyester yarn containing 10% recycled marine plastic and 90% recycled consumer plastic.

Inner Sole: 100% Natural Jute

Outsole: 100% Natural Rubber

PFC free & vegan

“Although September is the month to return to the routine, from Less & Conscious we suggest that you do it with the best style and prioritizing your personal care. We encourage you to try these products that share the values ​​of L&C.”