Taking care of ourselves, as a way to travel to a conscious lifestyle

Taking care of myself is choosing well. Choosing what I need over what I think I want. What my body needs, my mind needs. My life to be balanced.

We often think we have to do this or that and what we really need is to rest and do nothing. To stop doing. To stop looking, consuming, making plans, doing tasks…

And what is taking care of us?

Taking care of myself is also to surround myself with beauty. Prepare a nutritious and delicious breakfast every morning. Set the table beautifully, give me time to enjoy it. And for that I choose to get up early, do my rituals and start the day listening to me. That totally changes the vibration of the whole day.

The same with every meal, with my work space, with how the spaces where I live and move are. I choose what I surround myself with. Buying flowers, having plants and life around. The beauty we choose nearby is another way of caring. It’s a statement of intent. We deserve that beauty, that looking around and enjoying what’s in that space.

And that comforts you, just like taking care of our skin with daily hydration (inside and out), exfoliation, the use of masks…

Being in contact with nature.

To love and to be loved. Taking care of the other also takes care of me.

Move the body, exercise the mind.

Take care of my consumption, whether it is food or information. Observe who I surround myself with and what. What I let into my life and my mind. Reviewing regularly my life, the lifestyle I’m leading, and seeing if it fits with what I want. Asking myself questions: Where do I walk? Is it where I want to go from my heart?

And all this, far from being selfish and superficial, is the principle of care, the most basic, the essential. If we don’t take care of ourselves, what kind of love, care, attention, dedication, are we going to give to others?

Being well you, no doubt makes everything around you, at least, better. Taking care of you is the grain of sand that we can give to others, that we can give to the world.

How do I start taking care of myself?

Listen to yourself. What do you need? What suits you? Make a little list.

Then look: Is it in your life? What could you do to make it more present? Take note of actions that will allow you to do all those things that you have determined are good for you.

It begins. Today, tomorrow. Get up early and leave space. Prioritize yourself, take the time you need and that you undoubtedly deserve. And above all, repeat. Repeat daily. You must commit to yourself, respect your decisions and remain faithful. You will see how with time, you begin to feel different.

You can start by getting up half an hour before each day and meditate for 10 minutes; then write for 10 more minutes (you can write about emotions, sensations or thoughts that have come up during the meditation; about how you feel, sowing intentions for the day, something you want to reflect on…) and the last 10 minutes, dedicate them to your beauty routine with some extra time and calm.

Taking care of yourself is a matter of decision, determination, discipline and commitment. What do you say?