6 essential for a wellness routine

1. Take care of our skin

Getting up every morning and having a beauty routine is very important, since our skin is exposed to many factors that damage it. That is whyit needs special care, always with natural products that protect it. One of our favorite brands for skin care is Labeau Organic and its serum with Tamanu oil.

Labeau Organic

Values: organic, vegan, small production, socially responsible

Precio: €€

2. A cup of hot tea

We like nothing better than to start the day with natural tea. Perfect for these autumn and winter days. Tea transports us, thanks to its aroma and flavor, to a state of peace and calm that benefits our physical and mental health. Our favourite: “Tormenta, manta y menta” by Orballo, teas and infusions made in Galicia in a sustainable and responsible way.


Values: organic, compostable, plastic free, local

Precio: €€

3. Feeding through the colors of the rainbow

We always talk about the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet, and for us a fundamental pillar in this are the fruits and vegetables, and if they are of many colors and high quality, much better! One option that we love is to be able to buy the fruit and vegetables through services that send them home directly from the orchard like BioBox Fruit, the taste is totally different!

BioBox Fruit

Values: local, organic, vegan, seasonal product

Precio: €€

4. The power of vitamins and minerals

With the change of season, it is normal that this day we feel more tired, want to go to sleep earlier and find it harder to concentrate. Sometimes it is necessary to supplement our diet with 100% natural vitamins and minerals, for these moments we love Electra by Superlativa.


Values: natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free, recyclable packaging

Precio: €€

5. Taking care of our mental health but also our physical health

Let the one who does not adopt bad postures, sleeps badly or is in front of the screen more than he should, raise his hand. Exercising, stretching and balancing our body is something very healthy. Have you tried to do it with specific material for it? We are addicted to Sage&Kokoa massage balls, a real discovery!


Values: organic, compostable, recyclable, plastic-free

Precio: €€€

6. Taking care of our stomach to take care of our skin

Our stomach is made up of thousands of good bacteria that unfortunately, the excessive use of products such as alcoholic gels nowadays are loaded… That is why it is interesting that our diet is composed of natural probiotics, our choice? Lov Ferments fermented beverages, we love them!

Lov Ferments

Values: natural, organic, local, recyclable packaging, vegan

Precio: €€

essentials for a wellness routine